Success Stories

Dr. Thomas Hrabal, MSc (OU)
Class 2001

I studied Architecture at TU Wien and attended the Engineering Management Program in 2000/2001. Until 2001 I worked as a project manager internationally. After the graduation in Engineering Management I founded 2001 Herzog-Hrabal, a Vienna-based office for International Architecture and Project Management. I was owner and manager unitl 2009.
Since 2005 I was program director and lecturer for project management at the international architecture-program at the University for Business and Technology in Prishtina/Kosovo. 2007 I published a book "Systemisches Management von Bauprojekten" by NWV-Verlag/Vienna.
2009 I founded HRABAL ARCHITEKTUR working with an ambitious young team of architects and civil engineers.
Currently I am planning to establish a new PM-consulting-company and to develop a new educational project on the interface of architecture and spatial planning.

Michael Kirchsteiger, MSc
Class 2001

After a reasonable successful development in the IT Industry, holding positions in Austrian and interantional companies like Siemens, Sparkasse-Informatik, Informix, IBM working as Software developer and IT project manager I decided to join the Engineering Management Program offered by TU Wien, headed by Prof. Kopacek in 2001.
Looking back now, with some distance time, I have the state, that this was probably the best education decision I could have taken to leverage my existing technical education and boost it forward into management and organizational disciplines. Not only the international backround of both professors and participants, but also the interdisciplinary approach of this program made me ready to take on and handle new professional challenges successfully even in difficult times.
The skills and experiences of the EM-Program provided me the confidence to run my own business and also to reach out for top-level management positions in international companies successfully. Definitively I would simply not have gotten some of my professional positions without that program and the three earned degree and as of today I am on the edge for entering a board level position, and I dare to say that almost on a bases I can make valuable use of lessions learned in this program.

DI Peter Puschkarski, MSc (OU)
Class 1999

I studied Mechanical Engineering - Economics at TU Wien and finshed successfully my diploma degree in 1998. After that I attended the MSc. Program in 1999. Right after my study I worked as an Assistant of the CEO in a company of Auotmotive Supplier Industry. In 2001 I was appointed as Key Account Manager and in 2004 I surfed as Senior Project Manager in China and I became Managing Director of the China Plant that I had planned, founded and realized before. Between 2008 and 2009 I worked as a CEO in another Automotive Company. Since 2010 I am CEO in a well-known Steel Company in Germany and I am responsible for 225 Mio € of sales and 800 employees.
The EM program has been a great experience and I can recommend it to anybody who is curious to explore the vast cultural differences arount the globe. The US remain a powerful economy and it is very valuable to understand their way of thinking. Go for it!

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