Master´s Theses

The MSc Program is concluded by writing a Master´s Thesis with an applied character. Below we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the topics of all completed Master´s Theses.

Detailed information on the Master´s Theses and the full text versions of those not restricted from public use are available here >>


Amirhassan Aliakbar | 2010

Agile Software Development Methodologies; an Approach to achieve Quality in Software

Amira Almugrabi | 2016

ICT Adoption in SMEs in Arab States and their Impact on the Economic Development:Country Case Studies of UAE and Jordan

José David Alvarez Privado | 2017

Smart Grids: Technologies and Project Assessment

Andreas Auhorn | 2018

Process Improvement in the Production of Electronic Automotive Contacts: Economic Assessment of Reel Sizes and Derived Proposal to Reduce Process Costs

Pavol Bartko | 2011

Total Productive Maintenance

Andreas Bretschneider | 2008

Introduction of a production planning and control system (PPC) in an Austrian foundry

Ahmed Bukdir | 2018

Guidlines for development projects in developing countries

Slobodan Danilovic | 2008

The key fachtors to business process management project success

Angelo Das Merces Joao | 2017

Electric Vehicles in India and the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020

Padmanabhan Dasarathy | 2011

TQM Implementation in Private Universities using a lean approach

Aurelie Dell | 2016

Challenges of Implementing a System - Oriented Model in the Architectural Design Process

Siavash Dezfouli | 2011

Global Trends in Cost oriented Autonomous Robot Market

Alfred Dolecek | 2008

Simulation of the cost of project risks

Maria Teresa Dominguez Delgado | 2017

A Systematic Evaluation of Barrier Free Adaptations in Historic Buildings - The Case of the Main Building at the TU Wien

Stefanie Feichter | 2008

Evaluating a business Model in the development stage of content based internet businesses - shown with an example of a platform for people with food

Martin Feldmann | 2017

Autonomy in Logistics with respective to Industry 4.0

Chaminda Fernando | 2014

Monitoring, Validation and diagnosis data processing using intelligence Techniques

Robert Fidler | 2010

Applying Business Intelligence Information System to the Management Control Loop

Michael Fischer | 2014

A Systemic Approach to Frugal Innovation with Focus on Product Definition of Frugal B2B Products

Matthias Frick | 2011

An Exploration of Stakeholder Perceptions in a Large-Scale Construction Engineering Project

Leonardo Garcia Medina | 2011

Task Distribution Method for Proyects

Martin Gmeiner | 2010

To explore the key dimensions of the transition to ITIL V2 and ITIL V3

Manuel Gusterer | 2014

From idea to product - Implementation of a mobile, interactive TV service

Fabian Hauser | 2016

Revenue Forecasting Based on Business Opportunities

Mohsen Heidari | 2017

Globalization - Management challenges & obstacles in Iranian Companies

Bahadur Ibrahimov | 2014

Oil Exploration (Petroleum Geology) and Production Management

Jan Rudolf Illetschko | 2008

The role of component driven information systems development in work group socialization in large scale software projects - an engineering mamangement problem

Herbert Jäger | 2008

Integrated Circuit Product Development Cycle: Process and Their Implementation

Michael Janosch | 2008

Assessment of the process flow and data management within engineering departments

Michael Jungnitsch | 2008

Case Study on organizational restructuring in a post-merger integration

Franz Herbert Josef Kaltseis | 2010

Design for recyclability and improved disposability (Green engineering)

Dipin Karal | 2016

E-COMMERCE IN INDIA A case study of Amazon & Flipkart (India)

Michael Kirchsteiger | 2011

Business intelligence in today´s banking challenges: Basel II

Marcel Koch | 2008

Organizational optimization of a design and development department in an aerospace corporation

Christophe Krauth | 2010

Improvement of Big-Bag fertilizers station and its relevant logistics

Erwin Kruschitz | 2008

Testing critical logic systems Concept for a Testbed used in Oil & GAS & Biotech Industry

Thomas Linder | 2011

Supply Chain Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Enrique Lopiz Canto | 2008

Analysis of Human Factors in the modernising air traffic industry: The air traffic controller

Wolfgang Mair | 2014

Leveraging microfinance through mobile banking

Juha Mantere | 2011

Fleet management in international organization - case study EULEX Kosovo fleet management project

Bekim Marmullaku | 2014

Marketing stragegies of SMEs based on product life cycle - a study among SMEs in Kosovo

Christoph Maurer | 2018

Towards a New Vision of Customer Identity Management in European Banking Using Emerging Distributed Ledger and Cryptographic Approaches: The Case For and Against Blockchain

Martin Metzger | 2017

A critical analysis of agile methodologies compared to traditional, structured methodologies: A case study of requirements engineering in ERP operations management

Prparim Nazifi | 2016

Outsourcing Network Maintenance activities in telecommunications HFC network and CPE Maintenance Activities

Thomas Michael Neff | 2008

Innovation offshoring - can R&D processes be outsourced

Bjarney Sonja Olafsdottir | 2008

An integrated approach to competitive analysis and business models identificaito for online multi-media social networking services

Florian Ott | 2017

Challenges and Opportunities of Industry 4.0 with special insight on advances in smart health

Orthodoxia Papachartofyli | 2018

Agile software development within the flat organization Case study: Evaluating the implementation in a smalltech start-up

Christof Pitter | 2011

Key Technologies for Future Embedded Systems

Walter Posch | 2008

Analysis of the future Requirement for a technical service

Mauricio Recalcatti | 2018

Hydroscrew Turbines Feasibility Study

Andreas Rezanka | 2017

Lean Management Practice in Production and Management

Anton Romanenko | 2016

Data Warehouse implementation success and failure factors: Case Study IBM BDW implementation at the State Savings Bank of Ukraine

Martin Schober | 2008

DMF - Development and analysis of an advanced dual mass flywheel

Johann Sedlar | 2008

Management of the installation of a large hydro power plant

Rit Sukpituksakul | 2010

Green Supply Chain Management in the Automotive Indsutry

Jack Tarzi Bashi | 2018

An overview on the fiber optic technologies

Mohamed Temraz | 2010

Innovation and Growth in Tough Times - A Case Study of Telecom Industry

Augusto Tomas | 2008

Managing team excellence by six sigma through DMAIC model

Werner Überall | 2010

Decision Support modeling with standard tools

Christian Voit | 2008

System integration after mergers and axquisitions

Xiaoming Wang | 2014

Modular Integration of Automotive Industry Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) in the BRP-Powertrain Compnay´s New Product Development Process

Simon Wartanian | 2016

Modernization of the Software-Engineering-Process within a large Project-Environment

Georg Weitl | 2016

Company valuation methods and their practical relevance

Christian Wenninger | 2011

Management of Collaborative Supplier Networks

Justin Willis | 2010

A review of Communications Management theory and practise for application in Remote management of Mining Projects

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