What is Engineering Management?

Engineering Management can be thought according problem-independent, and solution/technology-independent, principles and methods. Based on systems thinking, related to the successful management of systems, to meet stakeholder requirements and to maximize value delivered to stakeholders in accordance with their values.

In the past, the areas of engineering and management were regarded as two very different and unrelated areas. Trained specialists undertook the process and technical aspects of engineering, while a different type of person altogether, often with an unrelated background and experience, oversaw the management of an engineering business or technical processes. Times have certainly changed; new skills and new approaches are required by a staff having the responsibility to make the most of their hi-tech processes. The need for a new kind of manager has been heightened by the new international nature of most businesses. There is an increasing demand from customers to deal with people familiar with the technical aspects of a product and who are also experts in business management and customer relationships.

Highlights of our program are:

    • 20 years experience and success - more than 180 graduates
    • Master of Science Degree of TU Wien
    • Executive program
    • International Faculty - Universities and Industry
    • International Participants - until now more than 31 different countries
    • Part time - 13 weekend modules (Friday to Tuesday)
    • According to the Bologna Convention
    • Teaching only in English
    • Contents modernized continuoulsy
    • Evening lectures of distinguished guest speakers
    • Company visits
    • Results of some MSc Theses published in referred, scientific Journals.
    • Alumni Club related to IEEE
    • Regularly Club meetings for Networking
    • From our graduates approximately 2/3 are in (high) management positions, 1/3 founded companies

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